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Sri Sripadaraja mutt
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SRI VARASIDHI ANJANEYAR TEMPLE Devipattinam, Ramanathapuram Dt, Tamilnadu.

temple in devipattinam varasidhi anjaneyar temple , devipattinam temple, ramanathapuram district

About this Temple

Devipuram is located in the south, surrounded by the sea is also called as DEVIPATTINAM, nearby Rameshwaram, in Ramanathapuram district, Tamilnadu. In ancient times an Asura named MAHISHASURA tortured the deities of heaven with the boon he received. Lord Parashakthi dries the chakra theertha by her power and destroys Mahishasura, that’s why this place is called “Devipuram” , now it became as “Devipattinam”.

Navapashana Temple (Navagraha)

Navapashana temple is a mjor holistic attraction of Devipattinam. The Navapashana Navagrahas are located amidst the calm sea. What adds more speciality is the Navagrahas were made by Lord RAMA (it is necessary to perform a ganesha and navagraha pooja before doing anything thats why Lord Rama did navagraha pooja) with nine handful of sand to rectify his Shani dhosha. Here is where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi (Lord THILAGESHWARA SAMETHA SOUNDHARYA NAYAGI AMMAN, in Devipattinam) gave blessings to Lord RAMA before the war with RAVANA.

Sri Varasidhi Anjaeyar temple, Devipattinam.

temple in devipattinam varasidhi anjaneyar temple

Such historical Devipattinam has SRI SRIPADARAJA MUTT and Sri Varasidhi Anjaeyar temple.

This temple was worshiped by mr.Appannacharya for approx. 20years ago it was handed over to Sri Vignananidhi Theertha Swamiji, The Peetadhipathi of SRI SRIPADARAJA MUTT(MULUBAGAL). After that the temple was built under the supervision of Mr.RAGOTHAMACHAR Srirangam. After the restoration works were completed in 2010 with the presence of Sri Vignananidhi Theertha Swamiji, The Peetadhipathi of Sri Sripadaraja mutt, Avadhani Bheemachar and Ragothamachar did Punarudharana to the temple.

Varasidhi anjaneya who was consecrated by VYASARAJA THEERTHARU in Devipattinam which is so historically importatnt is located in this monastery. As he was the Anjaneya who helped Lord Rama in the war during the RAMAYANA PERIOD and this is evidences by the sword on his waist.

varasidhi anjaneyar with sword temple devipattinam ramanathapuram


  • Anjaneya who is auspicious in this temple, is in North facing so he is the bring a of our wishes and needs.
  • Also the Chakra drawn by Vyasaraja is special here.

New Enhancements

Now again some restoration works were done in the temple by Mr.Padmanabha Rao and family, Australia(APPANACHARYA RELATIVES).Sri Sujayanidhi Theertha swamiji, the peetadhipathi of Sri Sripadaraja mutt,Mulubagal did “Samprokshana and Sila Vigraha Prathishtapana of BHEEMA MADHWA and SRI RAGAVENDRA SWAMY” on 26/06/2022.

varasidhi anjaneyar temple devipattinam ramanathapuram

Special Poojas

Grand Functions

Parihara Poojas

Devotional Products

days on Worship

Special Poojas

Here we Listed some special poojas in our Temple

Panchamrutha abisheka

Abhishekam of Panchamirtha gives the following benefits, Life Development, Raja Yogam, Child wealth Salvation, pleasure, Get rich singing voice, Enmity will disappear

Hari vayustuthi punarshcharana

Hari vayustuthi punarshcharana gives Everything you need is available

Gandha alankara

Gandha alankara is nothing but sandal alankar, it givess you will be blessed with a child soon

Lakshmi sahasranama archana

Lakshmi sahasranama archanaMay gives the grace of Mahalakshmi and all blessings and wealth be obtained

Butter alankara

Butter alankara will be resolved the problems in Property, estate, House.

Vishnu sahasranama archana

Vishnu sahasranama archana will gives Wisdom, Devotion, Mukti and everything desired is available

Naga panchami

Naga panchami gives, You will get the blessing of a son Sons will live a long life The curse of the dragon will be removed

Vinayagar chaturthi

Difficulties in the family will be removed and life will spring.

Madhu abisheka

Madhu abisheka gives, Sugam and Sangeet voice will be rich

Thursday pooja

Thursday pooja gives, You will get Guru's grace Mental complaints will disappear


Showcase of our spritual products, Devotees wants this productsfeel free to call us

Gomathi Chakra

Gomathi Chakra available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple

Muthu Sangu

Muthu Sangu available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple

Yantrodharaka Hanuman coin

Yantrodharaka Hanuman coin available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple

Cotton Thiri

Cotton Thiri available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple


Gajavastra available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple

Mangalarthi Thiri

Mangalarthi Thiri available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple


Yagnopaveetha available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple


Gopichandana available in Devipattinam, ramanathapuram district temple

Grand Functions

We celebrate these functions in grand manner in our Temple


Here we Listed some parigara poojas in our Temple

THILA HOMA devipattinam temple ramantahpuram district


This temple is famous for pilgrimage centre in the region where pilgrims perform rites for their forefathers.

NAVAGRAHA SHANTHI devipattinam temple ramantahpuram district


Navagraha shanthi pooja is a comprehensive and potent pooja performed to invoke the blessings of nine planets.

 KALA SARPA DHOSHA devipattinam temple ramantahpuram district


Due to the presence of this dhosha the person remains very upset and problems of children,health, home and families and financial problems keep on coming into the life. Kala sarpa dhosha manifests itself due to the inauspicious effects of RAHU AND KETHU.

KSHETHRA SRARDHA devipattinam temple ramantahpuram district


It is said in the puranas that to get the full blessings and benefits of pilgrimage.

Santhana gopala Krishna homa,Aayush homa,Mruthinjaya homa, Suyamvara kala parvathi homa devipattinam temple ramantahpuram district

Other Parigaras

 Santhana gopala Krishna homa

 Aayush homa

 Mruthinjaya homa

 Suyamvara kala parvathi homa

Frequently Asked Questions

please see the location map to reach Devipattinam, Devipattinam located in Ramanathapuram District, You can Reach Ramanathapuram By train or road, From Ramanathapuram to devipattinam just 15km by road

Yes, we worship, and do poojas all days

Parking is not available in temple premises but you can park your vehicle near temple. Lodging facilities available in Devipattinam. but basic amenities like water, Reatroom available in our temple premises

Yes, we doing poojas and pariharas insteadof you. whereever you stay in the world. Please call or message to the WhatsApp number 9688864591

Sure, Willing devotees Please contact us or send money via google pay 8072836460 us

About our priest



Anjana prasath served as archak and Purohit in this temple past 8 years. he was specialized in parigara , Dosha Remediesand temple poojas. He also doing the Grahapravesam, Wedding, punyakavasanam and homams, temple abhishekam, decoration in the best and holistic way.

Pooja Timings

* timings will change in festival times


Morning : 06.30 am to 10.00 am

Evening : 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm


Morning : 06.30 am to 11.30 am

Evening : 05.00 pm to 08.00 pm


Morning : 05.30 am to 09.00 am

Evening : 05.00 pm to 07.30 pm



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